Our Story

Our founder Jack Maden-Wilkinson gained experience working in-house for Next, Asda, and JD Sports group before moving to Adidas to work as part of the brand's global creative team in 2014.

In this team, Jack worked on the revolutionary concept Parley, a sustainability initiative that involved intercepting, utilizing and redesigning 'waste' into Adidas products. This initiative tackled ocean pollution, saved marine life and drove profit for Adidas and was the seed point to igniting a higher level of consciousness around using creativity for good.

For several years Jack continued to contribute to Adidas’s success with projects covering innovation, team sports and lifestyle before being approached by Puma in 2018 to head up the brands sportstyle graphics teams.

Using his expertise to build a creative aesthetic, initiate concepts, collaborations and sustainability projects that substantially grew the brands success. The most notable concept "Puma Queen," was created to equally empower and celebrate women and rival Puma King, that was created in 1968.

"With my ideas proven at two incredible brands, I realized to make my vision of creativity & business as a movement of good, that I must create a separate entity that has the freedom to connect, engage, and spark conversations with various different brands, artists, leaders, communities and industries."

With that, Duco was founded in 2019. Duco, meaning 'I lead' in Latin, was chosen to encapsulate our higher expression of creativity, communication, problem solving and brand impact.

Our founder: Jack Maden-Wilkinson